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At Strategic Health Chiropractic in Bellevue, we’re about more than just managing your pain.  Our thorough assessment and physical exam is key to providing an accurate diagnosis of the root cause of your complaints so that we can create a strategic treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.  We believe in addressing the underlying problem rather than just managing the symptoms.


In addition to highly targeted hands-on (manual) therapy, we provide customized programs of home-care instruction, stretches, and exercises when appropriate to help speed recovery and prevent future injuries. Let’s get you back doing the activities you love!


We are passionate about educating our patients and helping them stay active and achieve their health goals, whatever they may be.  Regardless of your current fitness level or physical ability, whether you are in high-performance athletics or just want to enjoy your daily activities pain-free, you can benefit from care.


Our goal is to reduce recovery times and provide long-lasting results for our patients. We strive to always prevent unnecessary injections, MRIs, pharmaceuticals & surgeries.  However, if your problem requires any of these methods we are happy to send you to the appropriate provider.

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Click bellow to learn more about our team.  We look forward to helping you meet your health goals!


"Dr. Chan is unlike any other chiropractor I have gone to! He genuinely listens and approaches each patient with a unique treatment option rather than a one size fits all plan. I have even brought my teenager to see him and he helped immensely! Dr. Chan helped me with not only my back but some other areas as well that I just didn't think I could ever fix!!  He is awesome and I honestly look to forward to each visit! You can come to him with any ache and pain and he will shock you with how fast he comes up with a plan for recovery! He is also super personable! He's definitely the best chiropractor in the Bellevue Kirkland area!"

Cara e.

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